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Adjustable Offset Extension sku#X40069

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NOTE THE BRASS IS DISCOLORED ON THIS ITEM. NOT NECESSARILY OBJECTIONABLE BUT CAN NOT BE SOLD AS "NEW". Brass plated extension for building new lamps or repairing older lamps, Brass Plated Offset Lamp Extension Pipe.....ADJUSTABLE LENGTH Hollow pipe....you can pass a wire through it. Brass Plated Two Piece Adjustable Extension for Lamp.... The brass pipe assembly is 10-1/2" and the bottom attaching nipple is 3/4". Adjustable in height from 10-1/2" to 15". Threaded top and bottom and includes nuts and washers for fastening. Lamp cord can pass through the hollow pipe. The OD of the bottom pipe is 1/2".The OD of the inner pipe is 3/8". Offset is approximately 2 inch.