Trio Chime Pendulum Motor

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Fantastic Sound 3 Chime Pendulum Unit Tubular Sound Chime Unit.
Tubular chime sound quality The finest sounding clock unit made.
  • Offers full Westminster ( every 1/4 hour with full hour count )
  • or Bim-Bam (double strike hour count ) ,
  • or Ave Maria (melody on the full hour with full hour count), ,
Features include:
  • volume control,
  • night time silencer,
  • position-able speaker mounted in protective housing.
Hand shaft passes 1/2" thick stock.
Clock unit size 4-3/4" x4-1/2" x 1-1/4". Speaker housing is 2-1/4"x 3".
Operates on 2 C cells. Note:
The pendulums can be cut shorter to any length.
The 24 inch pendulum has rivet (1 or 2) fabrication, see pendulum photo.
Can be operated without pendulum rod.
Choose Hour & Minute Hands from Hand Page
We will also send sweep second hand to fit.