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Construct a swinging cradle with our plans.Full size project plans to make baby cradles and doll cradles of different styles and sizes as shown .These cradle plans guide you with detailed drawings and instructional text to build these cradles in your woodshop. We do have pre-made cradle spindles available when needed. No lumber No materials supplied. You must supply your own wood. Remember trim packs DO NOT contain the plans. Projects do vary in scope and individual ability is important when undertaking any project. Remember always safety is the first rule in the shop. If you are not comfortable with a process, don't do it.
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Swinging Doll Cradle Plan
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$5.95 - $28.00
Rocking Doll Cradle Plan
Full size plan build a dolly cradle.
Baby Cradle woodworking plan
Full size plan to build colonial style cradle.
Swinging Baby Cradle Plan
Classic swinging baby cradle plan.
Birch spindles & hardware baby cradle #362.
Optional birch rosette for cradle ends.
Oak spindles & hardware for 362 cradle.
Optional oak rosette for cradle ends.
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Baby Stork Woodworking Plan
Full size plan to announce Baby Arrival.
Cradle Mattress 15-1/2 x 30 x 2
Foam base, vinyl covered mattress pad for cradle #362.
Soft Blue Knitted Cradle Sheet fits Mattress 95362
Soft Blue Sheet
Ecru Knitted Cradle Sheet fits Mattress #95362
Off-White Sheet
Floral Print Sheet
Soft Green Knitted Cradle Sheet fits Mattress #95362
Sea Foam Green Sheet
Soft Ponk Knitted Cradle sheet fits Mattress 95362
Pink Sheet
Lamb Print Sheet
White Sheet
Soft Yellow Knitted Sheet for Cradle Mattress
Yellow Sheet
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