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$0.15 - $10.00

Wood axle caps are generally used to 'cap' dowel rods, when the dowel rod is used as an axle. The axle cap is also referred to as a hubcap. CAP14 FITS 1/4" DOWEL. CAP38 FiTS 3/8" DOWEL. Cap14 has Outside Diameter 1/2. Cap38 has Outside Diameter 3/4. The holes in an axle cap only go part way through ( known as a blind hole).

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CAP14CAP14 Axle Cap 1/4 Price Each0 LBS Add $0.15
CAP14-100CAP14 Axle Cap 1/4 PACK 1000 LBS Add $9.00
CAP38CAP38 Axle Cap 3/8 Price Each0 LBS Add $0.15
CAP38-100CAP38 Axle Cap 3/8 PACK 1000 LBS Add $10.00
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