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Upholstery Tack
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$0.07 - $29.00
Decorative upholstery tack. Antique hammered head,brass finish. These upholstery nails are used for attaching upholstery, such as vinyl on rocking horses and toys and for decorating craft projects.Similar to a thumb tack, the upholstery nail is stronger,longer and has a larger diameter head. Installs with a standard hammer.

Size 7/16" diameter head with 1/2" shank.

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95009Upholstery Tack Price EACH0 LBS (Add $0.07)
95009-100Upholstery Tack Pack 100 Pcs0 LBS (Add $5.00)
95009-200Upholstery Tack Pack 200 Pcs0 LBS (Add $7.00)
95009-1000MUpholstery Tack Pack 1000 Pcs0 LBS (Add $29.00)
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