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$0.30 - $10.00

These are the most commonly used on the Rocking Horse Projects. Standard Screwhole Buttons are used on counterusnk holes to cover screws. Buttons have a tenon to glue into 3/8" and 1/2" diameter holes. Flat bottom Domed Discs have to be glued to the surface, they do not have a tenon to glue into a hole. Flat bottom discs do come in much larger diameters than screwhole buttons.

Please Choose:
510123/8" Button Fits 3/8" hole Pack of 1000 LBS Add $4.00
510141/2" Button Fits 1/2" hole Pack of 1000 LBS Add $4.95
510941" dia. Flat Bottom Disc PRICE EACH0 LBS Add $0.30
51094-501" dia. Flat Bottom Domed Disc Pack of 500 LBS Add $10.00
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