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$4.95 - $6.20

The Tooth Clock is easy to build, Make one for your favorite (is there such a thing?) dentist.Size is 7" x 14". We offer a pack of clock motor and numerals to finish this clock. Two choices are available dependent upon simply drilling a 5/16" diameter hole for the clock handshaft to pass through the clock board or recessing out a 3" round clearance for the clock unit to sit flush in the wood. This method is done with a router or forstner bit. It is a bit more work but does make a nicer finished project.

Remember plans are not included in trim packages.

Please Choose:
352Plan Tooth Clock Plan0 LBS Add $4.95
TRIM352LongTrim Clock/Numerals 5/16" hole method (long shaft clock)0 LBS Add $6.20
TRIM352ShortTrim Clock/Numerals Recess Method 3" hole (short shaft clock)0 LBS Add $6.20
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