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$0.40 - $57.00

Premium Wood Shaker Peg Size listed is total length ( with tenon ) x width ( widest part ) 3-1/2 " x 7/8" wide at top

Shaker pegs are great for hat and coat racks, mug holders and crafts.Premium shaker pegs are consistently smooth, highest quality turnings. Smooth Birch great for all crafts. When using pegs, apply small dab of glue to hole and hammer tap peg to seat it. Fits into a 1/2" diameter hole. Made in USA.

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51065Premium Shaker Peg Price Each0 LBS Add $0.40
51065-25Premium Shaker Peg PACK of 250 LBS Add $8.00
51065-50Premium Shaker Peg PACK of 500 LBS Add $15.50
51065-100Premium Shaker Peg PACK of 1000 LBS Add $26.00
51065-250Premium Shaker Peg PACK of 2500 LBS Add $57.00
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