> Brass Engraved Nameplates

These brass plates easily attach with the included fasteners.

Personalize your handmade projects with our custom engraved brass nameplates.

All text is in BLOCK CAPITALS, except Handcrafted By or Handcrafted For on the 3 Liner Plate.

The 1/2" x 3" One Liner plate is available with one line of text.UPPERCASE BLOCK LETTERS

The 1' x 3" 3 Liner Plate is available with up to 3 lines of text.Handcrafted By / For is always script on this plate.

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Engraved Brass Nameplate with one line of text

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One Liner

Size 1/2" x 3"

Engraved Brass Nameplate with 3 text lines

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Three Liner

Size 1" x 3"


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