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Specialty tools and supplies for the woodworking enthusiast include clamps, zona razor saws, hobbyist miter box and router bits.
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Prevents Glue Slide When Clamping

For Glue-Up or Assembly or Temporary Hold

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$3.99 - $21.00
Woodstock International Featherboard
Reduces the risk of kick-back
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Transfer Hole Locations

Brad point,prevents wandering.From 1/8 to 1/2 by 1/16
Plug Cutter
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1 Woodworking Spring Clamp
Always Needed

Pivot Jaws,Opens 1"

3 Woodworking Spring Clamp
Always Needed

Pivot Jaws Open 3"

Parallel Handscrew Clamp Size 4
A Workshop Standard,Opens to 2"
Parallel Hand Screw Clamp Size 8
A Workshop Standard,Opens to 4"
Lathe Chisel Set
A "Must Have" set for the lathe
Small Handle for Tools

Price Varies

Zona Saw 4 in 1 Multi Tool Woodcrafter's Saw
Four Interchangeable Blades
Flush Trim Saw
Mar Free Zero Set Blade
Tack Cloths
Lifts dust before finishing.
Clamping Jaws
1200 Grit Sharpening Stone
Ultra Fine Grit Waterstone for sharp edge
1/2 Shank Round Over Bit for Router
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$17.99 - $22.99
Roman Ogee Carbide Tip Router Bit
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CMT Slot Cutter 822332 11A
1/4" Shank. Make slots with your router.
Easily draw curves with the stiff bendable guide

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Draw perfect circles,up to 1-1/4" dia.
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Saral Transfer Paper Grey or White
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Available in Gray or White

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